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Google Authenticator/ Email Security Code

ReplyThanks 2018/03/27 08:28:41 0 0

Hey Botchiefs,

is there a option where I can connect Botchief with the Google Authenticator and/or how can I imput the function that the Bot fills in the Security Code automatically? I couldnt find it and in the Tuts I watched I couldnt find it also. The link for the Video where it is explained is fine also.

And can I join the Skype group for faster answers and other helpful stuff?


2018/03/27 11:42:32

You can use 2captcha plugin to auto verify the Google captcha in BotChief editor.

Here is the post to show you how to use the 2captcha plugin in BotChief:


You can use the Receive email command to scrape what you want in email.

You can create support ticket here, then you can get fast reply.


Or you can add our Skype whitehatbox

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