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how to compile Pre Made BotChief Module in a new software with same functionality?

ReplyThanks 2018/03/11 16:49:37 1 0

hello support team,

I am a VIP Diamond member of whitehatbox.

i need help to learn how to compile Bot chief pre made modules in a new software with full functionality.


how to compile premade Template of BlackBulk Mailer in a new software with same functionality.

Kindly reply to my post. Looking for support

Thank you

2018/03/12 00:52:05
Can someone assist me? Or no one is ready to support?
2018/03/12 11:55:48

Sorry for the late reply.

We created a simple tutorial to show you how to compile a module to be a stand alone application. Check here to know the details please:


Where did you get the template from BlackBulkMail please? I am sorry, the default template in BlackBulkMail is not available. But we can create template for you based on your needs.

Contact us if you need help.

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