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BotChiefRunner: Generates 'Thread 1. Task; "XXXXX" Unknown Error' every time I run any task

ReplyThanks 2018/02/28 01:17:49 0 0

I created a simple task that runs fine in BotChief Editor.

Every time, it fails. Here is the log:

2018/02/27 12:08:47 Finish tasks.
2018/02/27 12:08:46 Thread: 1. Task: "google_test" wait for the next run.
2018/02/27 12:08:45 Thread: 1. Task: "google_test" failed. Reason: unknown error.
2018/02/27 12:08:43 Thread: 1. The 1st time to attempt to re run the task
2018/02/27 12:08:43 Thread: 1. Task: "google_test" failed. Reason: unknown error.
2018/02/27 12:08:41 Thread: 1. Task: "google_test" start to run.
2018/02/27 12:08:40 Start tasks.

2018/02/28 09:51:53

Try to use New Window to test if your module works well in Editor first.

If it works well, then try to run it in Runner.

2018/02/28 10:13:35
It runs fine in Editor > New Window, but fails every time in Runner.
2018/02/28 10:52:52

This is weird.

If it works with New window in Editor, then it will run in Runner.

Cause Runner is using the New window method to run.

Could you please have a try again?

2018/02/28 11:22:40
I uninstalled and reinstalled BC Runner, and now all the tasks successfully run. Thank you!
2018/02/28 15:05:47

Ok, thanks for the feedback.

Contact us if you need more help in the future.

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