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BotChiefEditor csv table write to site

ReplyThanks 2018/02/15 22:49:49 0 0
i make bot for write to site
i have csv table column1 column2 column3
column1 search with this on site, when found write column 2 and column3 to this site

his search with column1 works if he finds but does not take column2 and column3 from this line but from another line

what am I wrong?

2018/02/16 17:34:13
Use the Variable Operate command to take the column value from the Table first, use the Set Value command to enter column1, column2, column3 to the site one by one.
2018/02/16 19:47:13

like this?

2018/02/22 15:22:49
Is it correct that way?
2018/02/22 18:13:20

Yes, does it work?

How about use 1 csv table wiith 3 column?

What will you do please? You can give me the details, i will check it for you in my side.

2018/02/25 02:42:39
hi, i have one csv with 3 column

i want search article over article number, then write META Keywords and META Description

thank u

2018/02/26 10:58:32

Could you give me the article link? Let me check it for you first.

After scraped the Meta keywords and description, then write them to these options?

Btw, did you buy BotChief please? What is your PayPal/payment email account please?

2018/02/27 21:08:25

yes i have pay for elite version.
Perfect would be if he scrape all this from google from site which lists google first
but if that's even possible with boot chief?


e-mail from paypal I send via PN
2018/02/28 15:12:45

Where is the Meta keyword and description in the website please? Could you please mark it?

You can scrape data from Google too. But you need to judge which data you need to scrape. Here are many things you need to consider before scraping it.

2018/03/02 10:28:50
this site shows you the available keywords and discription from any site

my shop is only about tires, tires for car, motorcycle, industrial tires

on my startpage i have this

Description:Reifen günstig kaufen online bei Mo′s KFZ-Teile, hier finden Sie die passenden Markenreifen für Ihren Wagen preiswert vor!
Keywords:Reifen, Autoreifen, Motorradreifen, LKW Reifen, Sommerreifen, Winterreifen, Ganzjahresreifen, Reifeninformationen, Reifenpreise, Reifen zu besten Preisen, Reifentest, Reifenhandel, Reifenh?ndler, Reifenangebote

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