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Captcha Service Plugin Integration Support

ReplyThanks 2018/02/05 20:40:01 0 0

Can I ask for a plugin to be created for integration support of reCAPTCHA version 2 service provider***********..


2018/02/06 11:56:19

Did you want to add your plugin to BotChief please?

Solve Recaptcha
2018/02/06 12:01:43
Yes, but I have no plugin myself as I am not familiar with BotChief system. Perhaps if there would be a kind developer from BotChief's team to create the plugin for me.
2018/02/06 13:09:26
Did you buy BotChief please?
Solve Recaptcha
2018/02/06 13:13:16
Nope, sorry don't have the cash to do so... I'm just a small time start-up...
2018/02/06 13:25:42
Is this captcha website yours ?
Solve Recaptcha
2018/02/06 13:42:23
Yes solverecaptcha.com
2018/02/06 13:52:09

You can create the plugin by yourself if you are a programmer.

Of course, we can create the plugin for you too. But you need to pay additional money. How do you think so?

Solve Recaptcha
2018/02/06 13:55:30
How much money? I want the plugin to be publicly available...
2018/02/06 13:58:36

All of our customers can see this plugin.

I will talk this with our programmers and team leaders. Moment please

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