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cloud thesaurus is not loading

ReplyThanks 2018/02/03 05:53:07 0 0
i tried to start the spinner chief and the cloud thesaurus has refuse to load. i deleted the CTDownload file and restarted it again but it still refuse to work up till now
2018/02/03 14:57:55

Is there any error message please?

Visit this link to download the CTDownload file, then decompress it, then move it to the directory file to replace the old one.


2018/02/03 16:18:16

Thanks for the swift respond. i have tried your suggestion. after loading the application, it shows different options to load thesaurus and i choose cloud thesaurus but nothing happens.

i also tried to select the option that says " load other thesaurus". i tried it but i couldn't select the two files in the folder together. the error i got from there says "wrong thesaurus file"

i don't know what am doing wrong. though my internet is on.

thanks i look forward to hear from you

2018/02/03 17:28:21

Some thesaurus is under develop. So it shows you wrong cloud thesaurus.

What language thesaurus did you need? The one i share you is English thesaurus.

After you move that file to the directory file of this program. Please re start to run, then try to download the English thesaurus, then check if it works.

You can add an article to try to spin it to see the results.

2018/02/04 05:46:38

thanks. the one i needed was the English which you sent. i don't know what could be wrong.

Here is the procedure i followed

1. The spinnerchief fold is placed in "my document".

2. i opened the folder and replace the "CTDownload" with the one you you sent

3. i restart my pc and open the spinnerchief app

4. the app opened and ask me to download cloud thesaurus then i click load.

5. a pop up came out to select language and i clicked Ok since English was the default

6. after clicking noting happens as it keep loading for up to an hour.

And if i try to spin a content, it say " For using super spin function, you need to load cloud thesaurus first"

so i dont know what could be wrong again. am using windows 10

2018/02/05 09:45:18


Do you have Skype please? Please add our skype whitehatbox let me check it for you via remote control directly.

Contact me when you are ready on Skype.

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