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Question about the software before buying

ReplyThanks 2018/01/12 20:11:30 1 0


I aminterested on buying your software. First, I have athree question that I would like to do:

1) When the bot is on the target website?can the bot navigate inside the website (click in the inner links)? And ?how many clicks in the inner links of thewebsite can the bot do? ?can the bot click up to 5 inner links to simulate thatthe bot is navigating inside the website?

2) ?Can I set geolocated proxies toemulate visits from a specific country?

3) On the search engine traffic(google), when the bot go through google search and it has to click on thetarget website (given a previous keyword): ?what happened if in that googlesearch the target websites appears in two links (link of the google adwords andlink of the organic search)? For the keywords that I want the bot search googleand go to the website, I have google adwords running and I don’t want the botclick on the google adwords, only on the organic search: ?Is that possible??how have I do it?

Thanks inadvanced for your attention and time.


2018/01/13 15:11:48

Yes, it can click the inner link.

You can use the custom operate function to click as many links you want.

This program works for http proxy, vpn.

It will only click the website link you provided according to the keywords and website link you entered.

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