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scrape function does not work properly

ReplyThanks 2017/12/29 02:44:07 0 0


I'm using the Scraper function and followed the video tutorial and well, it scrapes info, but not properly.

It does not respect the order between fields.

It mix information among list items. Let's say the first item scrapped is a company name, well, in the telephone field, it gets the phone number from other company and so on....

I have followed the same procedure in all fields and as explained in the video.

here you have the code to check it out.....


2017/12/29 10:17:55
We will go to check the module for you. Moment please
2017/12/29 11:15:40

I am sorry friend.

Can you please show me which part in the page you need to scrape? We will go to check it for you.

2017/12/29 23:04:20

As you can see in the Table, there are four columns.

In the image there are 3 areas to scrape (name, web, phone). This is an item. The module scrape such areas foreach item but the info for each row does not correspond to each other, i mean, if you run the module and get the result table, you will notice that the web scrapped and the phone doen not correspond to the name in the same row.

2018/01/02 13:35:00
We will go to check it for you, moment please
2018/01/02 18:25:15
We checked this one for you. And currently it only can scrape the correspond name and link. The scraped out phone number is out of order.
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