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Click on a Select option

ReplyThanks 2017/12/21 20:36:54 0 0

I'm unable to select an option from a select tag.

I only can expand all elements in the select but no click on an option.

What's the procedure?

Here I have the project: https://mega.nz/#!ZQk3wZ5D

Antoher question is how can I click on the "siguiente" image which it's an input but triggered by javascript once select option is selected.

2017/12/23 16:08:34

What is the password to download this file please?

Could you please upload your module here directly, and show us where you need help?

2017/12/23 18:59:49
I just removed the password for download....... sorry.
2017/12/23 19:29:39

New download link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1a9JnkWOxhT5piaLRF_4BsdeRSpRb5nnd/view?usp=sharing

2017/12/26 19:12:33

I checked the project you sent to me. But i do not find the select tag option.

Can you please show me the screenshot where you get problem directly? I will check it for you.

2017/12/27 08:08:46

As you can see in the image, no option from the dropdownlist is selected.

Also, I need to be able to make a click on the "SIGUIENTE" image on the right side of the image once the option select is selected.

2017/12/27 11:24:40

Add a Set Value command, then enter the value you want to choose from the drop down list.

Note: please lowercase the first letter of the value. Here is the example:

Add a Control Operate command to click the Siguiente image.

2017/12/27 15:51:07

Hi, perfect, now I can select he option value from the dropdownlist.

But, with control operate, the click action does not wok.

Here I show you a snapshot where you can see how the tag is marked as green but works.

2017/12/27 15:55:25

If the color for it is green, that means it works.

This error is not from the one you selected. Please read the notice in this page to know what the error is.

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