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Can I Program A Bot For A Flash Player Game?

ReplyThanks 2017/12/08 04:08:10 0 0
I am looking to create a bot that automates the actions of a player in the Flash Browser game GraalOnlineEra

The actions would be very simple and could be repeated. Actions like press the "Down Arrow" key for 50 ms and then press the key "W" and repeating those two actions moving down the game map in a straight line. Whenever the player reaches the bottom of a selected area, the bot presses the "Up Arrow" for 50 ms and then presses W repeating those two actions. The player while continue moving Up and Down the selected area until the person controlling the bot tells the bot to stop. However, I also need to bot to perform another action when it senses an image. This action is just pressing "D" and clicking in the direction of the picture appeared on-screen. After the image disappears, the bot controls the player to move back towards the line in the selected area and continue moving up and down while pressing "W"

This bot is essentially just a "grinder" for this game that will allow you to farm items. I want the bot to use XY coordinates so there is less of a chance for the player to get off of the line that is it moving down.

Do you think this type of bot can be created using BotChief?

2017/12/10 17:02:07

What is this website link please?

Did you need to create a bot? We will check it for you.

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