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Can Support Help me with TrafficBotPro

ReplyThanks 2017/12/03 04:52:40 0 0

Hello Support,

I just purchased the trafficbotpro and I load it on my vps but had this issue of Load Brwser Dll failed. Load using administrator.


I had checked the forum for possible solution but not working.

Pls, come via Team viewer and set for me.


2017/12/04 10:49:02

No problem.

Are you here please? Contact us when you are ready. Lets solve it asap.

2017/12/05 00:51:11

Purchased today --> exactly same problem for me

  • VPS Win 2012 (the most common in Win VPS)
  • tried aas admin or not
  • direct install or via toolbox

Note: XulRunner has reached end of life for 2 years already ... is that related ? old software ?

Any help ?

2017/12/05 10:21:13

That is weird.

Open these 3 files (xulrunner29.0, 33.0, 45.0), then check if there is file whose name is the same as the outside file name. If the name is the same, then please move them to replace the outside one.

Let us know if it still won't work.

2017/12/05 16:53:58


After you have extracted (xulrunner29.0, 33.0, 45.0) .... Check, it has 2 folders. copy the contents in all folder. Instead of 2folders.

That's how I did mine and it opened. Yet, the traffic bot still wont work.

I dont know why your programmer still using old method and xulrunner.

When you know everyone that purchase the software will encounter the problem, you should have updated your traffic bot with those xulrunner files. Instead giving customers long way to go and fixing thing up here... Yet, from one problem to another problem. Still waiting for programmer to fix it up via Team viewer.

Your software is kinda too expensive to encounter such problem... "Kudos to your copy writer who wrote/designed your Sales Page"

2017/12/06 09:58:02

Usually program will auto download the files when you run it. If these files are not here, when you manual download it, then program should work.

I have no idea why it still cannot work.

Do you have Skype or Teamviewer? Contact us when you are here. I will arrange the programmer to check and fix it for you via remote control.

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