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Analytics shows (not provided) in keyword section while using this

ReplyThanks 2017/11/29 20:01:52 0 0
I have been using this and I see that google analytics does not catch the keywords I have put in campaign. It shows (not provided) in the results. I have ran multiple campaigns but all had same issues. Please let me know how to get those keywords detected?
2017/11/30 16:45:33

If you use the same keyword to search in your browser manually. Does your keyword show in Analytics please?

You should use proxy to run your campaign.

2017/11/30 17:22:48
Please give me information on how to add proxy. I try to add list of ip, but it does not work. I have HMA. i see you have included VPN in a new update. Please let me know if that is something which can be used.
2017/11/30 17:46:20

In the right side of the main form. Please click the "Manage Proxy" button to add your proxy.

If you have "VPN", click the "ReConnect" button in the main form, then you can enter your VPN login in details.

2017/11/30 17:59:47

sorry to bother you, but what should i put in 'Service address' ? Here is screenshot of it. HMA has an app, I am unable to find any particular web address where you can find anything for login.

2017/11/30 18:35:15
ok, I got the HMA working. Thank you.
2017/12/01 15:45:53

Thanks for the feedback.

Let us know if you need more help.

2017/12/25 18:29:17

How do we make the settings?

service address what?

ture / false ?

help pls

2017/12/26 17:56:35

Server address: it is the proxy internet address you are using.

Custom: if you need to create proxy connect manually. True: yes you need. False: no, you do not need, program will auto create one.

Our suggestion is you'd better choose True, then go to create a proxy connect manually in your computer, cause it will 100% connect the proxy success.

2018/01/22 20:16:25


Can you Paste Picture guide/settings of the HMA


<< < 12 > >>
Advanced Option