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need help with my module , willing to donate $10 for it

ReplyThanks 2017/11/24 04:56:29 0 0

hello all , im facing an obstacle with Botchief

i need my control operate to find a reddit title ( for example navigate to reddit , hot section or to a subreddit) so that i can choose the operation id like for example click a reddit title to open it , also same applies for the upvote button and the "comment" link under that reddit, need to find those with control operate to click them

i know that reddits are divided to classes that have title= may-blank , and they have the rank class to list them

one more thing, also i need to check if an upvote is clicked already or not

i will donate through paypal

thank you

2017/11/27 14:50:17

Which part did you get problem?

Comment the link? Find the subreddit title? ....

Any screenshot to show us the details will be better.

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