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get confirm link does not work

ReplyThanks 2017/11/22 05:26:02 0 0
I'm trying to get the get confirm link to confirm some emails I receive and never confirm any, just click on the emails.
can you help me?
I did not find any tutorial.

I think you need new videos teaching each function, because I speak another language and I have many problems to understand English.

and without videos it worsens everything.
2017/11/22 05:28:21
Another thing I did not say.
I already tested on hotmail, gmail, and my email from hostgator and nothing, it never finds the confirmation link
2017/11/22 05:35:56
no confirm links contains already used empty, and I already used a part of the url of the link, I already used phrase of the confirmation button, I already registered in sites that gives you a url to confirm, and nothing works, never confirm
2017/11/22 16:31:46

What the result did you get? could you show me the screenshot of the error?

2017/11/22 19:48:47
I can run it dozens of times, without going successfully, but it never checks any account.

even if I put a part of the link for it to click, or a word of a button, it never work
2017/11/23 15:07:26

Did you create the ticket please?

If so, we should reply to you in details. Please go to check it.

Btw, please do not post the same question twice next time. Thanks for understanding.

2017/11/23 19:51:22
yes, I understand.

I'll leave my solution here, maybe more people have the same problem, as I do not understand English was having problems verifying email.

The name of the process is called (get confirm link) so I thought it would enter the email link and confirm, but it is not so.

he enters finds the link and sends it to a variable.
so just create a file and put that variable to play the link on it
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