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Post URl that contains variable increasing by 1 each time it loops

ReplyThanks 2017/11/15 06:17:20 0 0

I am trying to work out how to load a url that has ID=1234 at the end of the URL and then scrape the html title from the returned page, store that title and then loop but next time load a URL with the next ID , e.g 1235 and then 1236 etc

I can't work out how to increase the ID by 1 each time it loops. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

2017/11/15 14:07:51
Using a double type variable, you can plus 1 in the loop process,then obtain the url by stitching.
2017/11/16 03:59:46
So, I have put the first value in the double type variable but how do i increase by one and how do I do the stitching? What are the actions? This is quite hard to work out with no meaningful manual or instructions!
2017/11/16 14:02:20

Use Variable Operate option.

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