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How to download all zip files from a page

ReplyThanks 2017/09/16 20:37:35 0 0
Hi all I am trying to make a bot that clicks on links that downloads a zip file. But I need to download all of the zip files that is on the page and save them to a specific directory. Can someone show me where to get started.
2017/09/16 21:32:12
Right now I can go to url click on a single link and download the file but I need this to go to the next link and click on it and download it. I need this to keep doing this automatically. How can I do this.
2017/09/18 15:26:27

Create a Table variable to save the url list.

Then in the Load Url action, you can use the variable as its loaded data.

Then loop run the process until all urs take out from the list.

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