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Thread not proper Working

ReplyThanks 2017/09/15 12:19:14 1 0
in multiple threading your software is not proper working..

issue is : when i start multiple thread your software unable to select any one browser for move or click . & after some time all browser are close one by one.

for proper work i have to select browser manually than your command move & click is work ..without manually selecting browser move & click is not working any more

2017/09/15 14:28:51

Very thanks for your feedback.

I will arrange our programmers to check it. Please wait for the news.

Any news from them, i will let you know.

2017/09/15 19:50:29
pls fast bro..
2017/09/15 19:52:32

and what about your new update ??

remember my customisation custom referrer

2017/09/18 11:54:35
Any Update?
2017/09/18 14:49:49

Hey, so sorry for the late reply.

Our programmers tested it, it works well.

How many threads are you running please?

Please find the directory folder of this program, then send us the Campaign file. We will test it for you in our side.

2017/09/18 16:12:21


i have attached rar file pls find it & i am running 10 thread at a time

and what about my customization request for adding module of custom referrer ?

2017/09/19 10:15:53

Thanks for your help. We will go to test it. Please wait for the news.

What is your customize request please? Sorry, i cannot remember it.

2017/09/19 11:44:42
add module of custom referrer like facebook , etc
2017/09/20 11:36:18

You mean you can custom the domain?

Can you show me how Facebook did this please? Many thanks

Then we will go to check it.

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