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Best practice to spin articles in German?

ReplyThanks 2017/09/03 00:45:19 0 0

hi there!

I have SpinnerChief 5 with German Cloud Thesaurus and used the SuperSpin feature. SuperSpin settings: most unique - Thesaurus Quality good

It spon 13 words in a simple 113 word text.

Is there a way to get a bit more spon words?



2017/09/03 15:39:57
Please try to use the the SpinToSpintax function, see how many words will got spun?
Let's ROCK!
2017/09/04 02:17:14

I had a look into that but I don′t think that function relates to my question

To make it more clear. Here is the identical sentence in German and English. You notice the big difference of what SpinnerChief is spinning in there. Only 2 times ins German while it spon 6 times in English. So is there anyway to increase the spun amount?

Er {war|ist} einer der reichsten M?nner der Welt und {vielleicht|evtl.|eventuell} ihr infamster Verbrecher.

He {was|was first|is} one of the richest {men|males|guys} of the {world|globe|universe|community|environment} and {perhaps|maybe|probably|most likely|conceivably|certainly} its {most|virtually all|just about all} {famous|popular|well-known|renowned|well known|prominent} criminal.

2017/09/04 17:39:02

How about set the Synonymous Amount to be larger in Super Spin?

2017/09/04 20:15:58

hi, I found that option to increase numbers of synonyms but that is still not what my questions was pointing to. Wow, really hard to make my question clear.

So her once again for better understanding. The same sentence. Once in German, and in English. In German SpinnerChief spun 2 words. In Englisch SpinnerChief spun 6 words. So while "men" was spun in English the same word "Manner" stays untouched in German. Any Idea how to increase the amount of spun words in German?


Er 1{war|ist} einer der reichsten Manner der Welt und 2{vielleicht|evtl.|eventuell} ihr infamster Verbrecher.


He 1{was|was first|is} one of the richest 2{men|males|guys} of the 3{world|globe|universe|community|environment} and 4{perhaps|maybe|probably|most likely|conceivably|certainly} its 5{most|virtually all|just about all} 6{famous|popular|well-known|renowned|well known|prominent} criminal.

2017/09/05 11:28:28

Oh, sorry for my misunderstood.

Did you want to spin all words? And make it spin 6 or more words like the English thesaurus did?

2017/09/05 19:20:42
yes that right. I want to make the text more unique
2017/09/07 17:13:27

Then please use the Spin to Spintax function. And set it to 1. And set the Words Amount to be larger too.

Did you test it like this before?

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