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yossi johnny ma

Auto bot to click ads on my website and randomize IP's

ReplyThanks 2017/05/28 13:22:19 0 0

hello everyone,

Are there any bots who's able to click ads on my website and randomize IP's so it'll appear that people from all over the world are clicking them?

If not, how hard is it to create one? And - are there any STEP BY STEP tutorials to help me build one like this?

I'm not talking about softwares like ads clicker bot and such.

But - I need something for my SPECIFIC websites that I own.


2017/05/29 03:48:03

Create a bot like that it's very easy. the problem is that Google is not silly! and soon or later will close your adsense account!

2017/05/29 21:15:08
I have a bot like that you can purchase from me :)

It contains thousands of working IPs that will randomize and click your ads to your liking.
I'll have to modify it a bit to fit your website/material ads of course.

Please let me know if you're interested and I can sell it to you.
Thanks for your time and consideration. :)
2017/05/30 05:09:51

So, you have not had any problem with Google doing that?????

For sure, Google will detect such IP's as proxies and will blacklist!

2017/05/30 08:31:25
My program has a certain method that keeps it from detection. It depends on a couple factors...If you're interested in my bot please let me know, thanks. :)
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