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I can't choose from options dropdown menu

ReplyThanks 2017/05/14 18:21:22 0 0

Hi ,

i have a website that has a dropdown options menu the tags of it is :




and so on


i mean it's not a <div> like in tutorial .

the menu has 16 options to choose from and when i use control operate it gives me only 1 html element and when and when i click test run i only clicks on the menu but it doesn't choose the option that i need .

* i also passed the value of it to the control operate but nothing happened too .

so is it possible to open the menu and press on the option that i need ???

2017/05/15 14:30:46

We already seen your post, please do not post the same content twice next time. Thanks.

We will check it later, please wait for a moment. Thanks

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