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Is SC a Scam - Not working and Support not Responding

ReplyThanks 2017/02/20 12:51:55 2 0
I purchased Elite version last week. Web and desktop versions are both throwing errors. I also integrated API to a third party RSS plugin (WP RSS Aggregator) and that too is not spinning anything. The support is not responding despite emails I sent every day. Is this product a scam? I am considering reporting to PayPal for refund. It is painfully frustrating to wait for almost a week and no support answer or help for a paid product.
2017/02/20 22:25:49
Hi, very sorry for the late answer, our support has changed the settings for you directly, please go to have a test again.

Have a nice day!!!
2017/02/20 22:39:06
Why is SC re-writing/spinning words that start with uppercase - proper nouns like President, State, Trump, Spears, Chief etc. Is there a setting to prevent words that start with uppercase from being re-written
2017/02/20 23:45:28
If the original word is uppercase, and then the spun one will be uppercase too. You can add the word you do not want to spin to the protect word function, and then this word won't change.
You told our support, the article is scraped from other site, and you do not know how many proper word or how many word you do not want to change, currently there is no such a function, but we can add this function for you, please wait for the update.
Btw, please do not write the same post twice next time.
Alexander S
2018/10/02 18:58:59
2018/10/02 19:43:40

We will help you optimize the thesaurus. Please wait for the news.

Btw, we already replied to your support ticket.

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