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Need help with API setup [HELP]

ReplyThanks 2017/01/09 10:49:27 0 0
Hi, I need help with getting my program to work with a json API.

I'm new to getting this work, so help / an example would be great.

If someone could help me that would be great. I have Bot-chief Developer, so I have access to all options.

2017/01/09 22:05:29
Hi, what do you mean "json API"? Please give us more details.
2017/01/09 22:17:59

I want to interact with an api, Can I email you the api instructions so you can help me with the proper script?

If so, what email should I use?

2017/01/10 01:25:48
Hi, did you want to create a plugin but do not know how to write proper script? If most users may use this feature, we will add it in the future. If not, please write this plugin by yourself. Wish you can understand.

Have a nice day!!!!!

2017/01/10 17:08:58

I don't know how to write a proper script. If you could add an api feature that would be fantastic.

But for right now, could you help me write a script API info

I need to know how to:

1. getMsz

2. updateMsz

3. updateNum

2017/01/10 23:44:37
Hi very sorry to tell you if most users may use this feature, we will add it in the future. If not, we won’t add it currently. If you need it now we can do it for you, but it won’t be free, so we are gonna take some fee to create it. Wish you can understand.

Have a nice day!!!
2017/01/10 23:52:17
I understand. What will it cost to create this?
2017/01/11 22:47:43
Did you want to write the script on BotChief, and then use it on Botchief? Which site did you want to write the API?
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