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How do I fill Captcha Answer field using Death By Captcha

ReplyThanks 2016/10/30 19:51:08 0 0

i have just purchased BotChief and have viewed all of the training videos and searched this forum for the answer but cannot work this one out.

I have created my first project to fill a field from table variable and then read and fill Captcha with Deth by Captcha. I have been able to identify/set Captcha img but how does the answer field get populated.

Note the Captcha is a simple text (not complex image)

Any help working ld be appreciated, I can share my project if needed.

Willing to record a video for everyone on the topic once I work it out.

Thanks in advance

2016/10/31 02:43:16

Hello we have tested the DeathByCaptcha function, it works well, it cannot do the arithmetic, it can type the number or letter automatically. please do the settings like the picture shows:

2016/10/31 07:23:08

Hi Aprilcaicai,

Thanks for the info however I had already put my details into the Death By Captcha settings section, see my screenshot below of the issue. In My example the Verification field is above the captcha image, does this make a difference?

2016/10/31 21:41:07
Hello please send your DeathByCaptcha account and the site url to me via private message, i will test it using your account.
2017/07/13 00:10:52

Followup on this.. How to use DeathByCaptcha to automatically fill the captcha box..

Thank you!!!

2017/07/19 18:41:40

Please do not post the same content twice.

Also i already answered this question in this post. please go to check it again.

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