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Could you add a action?

ReplyThanks 2016/09/15 12:36:33 0 0

Could you add an action that does the following for a thread:

- Empty All Variables
- Delete all non-needed temp data.

- Clean cookies

- Loads blank page.

In effect, it would replicate a new thread, without having to terminate and re-initialize a new one.

I didn't program botchief so I don't know what is kept in the temp data for the thread/browser. If you could delete all non-needed temp data in an action, that would be great.

If it works I can reward $20 btc.

2016/09/18 01:16:22
So basically, you want to run a new task in the same exe windows without open another new thread, right?
Let's ROCK!
2016/09/18 11:35:16

Yeah, Exactly. I want to make sure that none of the info from 1 loop is saved for the next loop.

Also, how many characters can I store in a string variable? 1000+?

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