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Network error in Login form

ReplyThanks 2014/04/27 09:32:25 0 0


I just purchased a 3 day trial in order to evaluate SpinnerChief with the purpose to extend this period to a yearly subscription after everything is ok.

The problem is that every time i'm trying to use the above software in the login window i get a network connection error message with the advise to try again later.

All my firewall , email, password etc.. settings are correct regarding the use of both whitehatbox and spinnerchief applications.

A helping hand would be much appreciated.


2014/04/27 10:20:50

Sorry for the problem, checked our server just now, it is working well.

Please check if there is a proxy in your IE browser. If yes, remove the proxy and try again.

If still can't work, please contact me on skype - chinasunny5, I will help you there.

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2014/04/27 12:33:36

Thanks fore the reply.

The problem solved.

I had to run the executable as an admin under windows 7.


2014/07/09 14:32:08

i see the message continuously "network error, please try to login later again"

i have no proxy and i try to run as an admin under windows 7.but not worked
2014/07/09 22:35:15
@pepdeal, the problem should be the network problem between your computer to our server. Please check if there is any program like firewall , anti-virus software that block SC to connect network ?
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2014/07/10 00:17:32

The problem is not in my pc. I run the application just a few moments ago before appearing the error.

hopefully , after 10 minutes the error gone automatically. thanks

2014/07/10 09:15:00

The problem appears again. I am facing the login issue again repeatedly. Just like that i could login in morning 9.00 am but could not again login in 10.00 due to network error . The error appears repeatedly

The problem must not be in my pc for example, my connection, firewall , anti-virus because if the issues are those then i could never log in . But i could log in a few times today and i did not do any change in my pc setting

I'm 100% sure that they problem is in your server that authorize the login. Either it could not take much load or it is very obsolete. Did you hire a very cheap server for the authentication? otherwise, there should not be any problem.

if your server is not the problem,can you please give dns of the authentication server. I mean a host file edit with the ip can ensure pc to access the server. xrumer has such kind host file edit ip there is no login error there anymore

2014/07/13 12:25:35

Hi pepdeal, does it work for you now?

I am sure the problem is not from your pc and our server. The problem should be the network between your pc to our server Or maybe the DNS server you use.

You can add this following line to your hosts file, then it will be no dns problem. license.domarketup.com

Let's ROCK!
Zain Ul Abideen
2018/06/12 10:12:03
HThere is network error whenever i try to press Start in tast manager. It never works
2018/06/12 11:01:50
9 # Zain Ul Abideen 2018/6/12 10:12:03
HThere is network error whenever i try to press Start in tast manager. It never works

I just tested it in my side, and it can login in successfully.

How is your network please?

How about turn off your firewall? Then re start to run this software?

Waiting for your news.

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