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Attention! WebRTC!

ReplyThanks 2016/01/23 16:09:49 1 0

Hello. A friend of mine who works in the field of web technology and online security communicate with me about your program. He told me that the WebRTC function can cause problems - many sites to track users across it.

Quote from one of the sites:

"Browsers based on Chromium and Firefox support for WebRTC technology for audio and video chat right from your browser window. In addition to the convenience of this feature it has the unfortunate side effect.

In particular, WebRTC allows sending requests to STUN-server which the local public and user IP-address. Such requests can be made script, so IP-addresses are mapped by means of JavaScript.

Queries sent to bypass standard procedures XMLHttpRequest and not visible from the developer console, they can not block or plug-ins such AdBlockPlus Ghostery. Thus, these requests can be used, for example, advertisers, for covert tracking users".

Plz, see this pages:



What do you think about it?

Module Development - [email protected] // Thanks - https://ko-fi.com/arbots
2016/01/27 20:57:02
I would also like to know if BotChief has disabled WebRTC to avoid the problems Karmagedon mentioned.
2016/03/02 09:58:12
Ditto, also as per post http://www.whitehatbox.com/bbs/BBSPost?postid=2253#.Vtb_e-a8rfY
2016/03/06 14:35:27
Is it going to be fixed? Cause actually Botchief leaks the real IP even using a proxy
2016/03/07 15:15:17
2016/06/06 13:59:38
The problem was solved?
Module Development - [email protected] // Thanks - https://ko-fi.com/arbots
2016/06/06 22:42:49
Very sorry for that buddys, recently so much things we need to do, so we have delayed to add this function, And we will add it on our next update, please look forward to.
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