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These sites need updating

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Here is a list of accounts that do no work - Please check them and update please

Dora Smith
2020/02/01 22:11:33

Sorry, it's New Year, so the reply is slower than usual. Hope you can understand.

Did you get error messages?

Could you please show us the error screenshot? Can you give us more details so that we can help you better?

2020/02/04 06:43:26
You guys really need to test every site with your bot to make sure its running smooth. at least one every week or every 2 weeks as you know these sites update 24/7.

The list of sites I give you either 1, dont complete the registartion, 2. does not click the captcha or 3 the site is completely different and needs updating for the new layout
Dora Smith
2020/02/04 18:18:15

Thanks for your suggestion.

We will inform our programmer to update and optimize it.

Btw, is ther any fund in your captcha service?

2020/02/19 23:53:16
Apple.com - There is a captcha now, please use 2captcha, Also it tries to grab the email but wont input the code. i checked the email address and it show read but the bot wont add the input key

DailyMotion - Doesn't work at all, doesn't even attempt to register, loads the site then stops

Facebook.com - Can you add PVA to it? this helps with blocks - Also you need to add better detection to the bot, it can detect its a bot making it. you need to have cavas blocker, font,audio blocker, webrtc, webgl, better user-agents or use chrome browser.

Fiverr - Does not work at all - just loads page the crashes

Ig - you need to have it so it can Resigter with Phone number then add email to it after it verifies the number, and needs to confirm the email as well. not sure why you didnt have it setup like that in the first place

Reddit - you need better anti-detection methods or use chrome plus all the plugins mentioned for FB

soundcloud - captcha shows an error click the box, im using Mobile proxies so no its not my proxy its your bot needs updating. i did it manaully and it worked.

Spotify - Same as SoundCloud

as ive said you guys need to start testing your bot, for the amount people pay, and pay month for, yearly for ect... you do not update often nor do you check the software unless people like me provide details and its not my job to keep asking for updates and for me or your clients to keep having to email you all the time when things dont work. Like this has been months with problems and nothing gets fixed. i know you have other software as well and i own a ton of them but this bot is becoming a waste of money and time

2020/02/21 00:41:53
I just realized that my Software never updated....I see you have PvaCreator v2 and mine only shows one. I just updated to V2. now im going to have to retest all this.
Dora Smith
2020/02/21 15:15:29


The developers will check and make sure the software works before releasing the it.

Please update to the latest version to see if it works.
Meanwhile, thank you for taking your precious time to give us these feedback.
If you have any questions and suggestions after testing it, please report to us in time. For good suggestions, we are glad to add it to PVA.
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