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i can"t instail pva software.

ReplyThanks 2019/12/30 12:01:58 1 0
i have a problem .i can"t instail pva software. when i click the run button. no progress in my commend. why this happen.. please help me
2019/12/30 16:38:46

I've the same issue with PVA Creator 2.50v

Whenever I click on "Run" PVA Creator" Windows shows the mouse loading icon for a few seconds and after that nothing happens. So we are not able to launch PVA Creator

Also when I tried to recover to the last version the same thing happened and it didn't work either

I checked this forum and followed the instructions you guys gave but still had no success:


I've also tried running Whitehatbox/PVA Creator as an admin

Dora Smith
2019/12/31 09:21:34

Hello, guys.

Please install following files. Both vc ++ 2013 x86 and x64 are also should be downloaded.




Please also install .net 4.6 from the Internet.

Let us know if it works.

Paul Johnson
2020/01/02 23:28:12

For anyone having this problem. I could not get PVA to work on Server 2016 no matter what.... even though FollowingLikeIII works fine on that server.

I could get it to work on Windows 10 though. So if you're having trouble try a win 10 machine.

Dora Smith
2020/01/03 13:51:35

Note to give permission for access this software.
One of a client told us that Window 10 have security. After he give permission, he also can open PVACreator.

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