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About New Country & process Add Recovery mail

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Hello PVACreator Team,

I am using PVACreator version 2.5.1

I want to request you to update new countries in the upcoming version from sms PVA site

If I want to use country like Sweden or Belarus how can use it in my current version


from last few versions the process looks for recovery mail it is time consuming even I am not giving recovery mail in pva creator list it goes for add recovery mail

Please make version like 2.4 where it check recovery mail list not given then it end after processing code successfully


Dora Smith
2019/12/13 15:11:04

Thanks for your suggestions.

Could you please tell us in which module do you want to add them? Gmail or Facebook or something else.

If there is no Sweden or Belarus in smspva, we will inform our programmer to add them.

2019/12/13 16:49:46

I want to add them in Yahoo module

2019/12/13 23:57:13
i want to add fir instagram also
Dora Smith
2019/12/16 12:06:42

We already added them to our work list. If we can add it, we will update it asap Please wait for the news. Very thanks for your suggestion.
Please feel free to contact us if you need more help in the future.

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