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Backconnect Proxies - Stormproxies setup

ReplyThanks 2019/11/22 00:25:56 0 0
I got Backconnect Proxies from StormProxies.
But I couldn't complete the installation, can you help me how?

2019/11/22 06:19:40
Nice to meet you. I am a buyer and come here several times a month but sometimes reply.

①There is an IP entry text box on the StormProxy management screen. Access IP:

② If you are using VPN, start it.

③ Global IP confirmation

④Enter the global IP in the text box ①. + Copy StormProxy's back connect proxy. Save to text.

⑤Click the Proxy button on the right side of the TrafficBot2 start user agent.

⑥A pop-up window will appear. Import the proxy list saved in ④. complete.

⑦No restrictions. OK

* Points can be changed by logging in to the StormProxy management screen after changing the global IP. If you select one back-connect proxy, you can copy and paste it into the Trafficbot2 proxy without saving it as text! If you have a lot of proxies and the input is difficult, you can save it as text and import it!

If the VPN is not used, enter the global IP as it is in the StormProxy. If you are using a VPN, enter the IP that was forged by the VPN into the StormProxy.

Dora Smith
2019/11/26 17:50:11

Thanks for your reply.

If you need more help, please contact us in the future.

2019/11/28 06:47:11
my problem continues,
please help.
Dora Smith
2019/11/28 18:20:37

@ Ornekali

Did you try above solutions?

Please combine the information you saw into a string.

The format:

ip: port: username: password.

You can leave it blank if there is no need username and password.

2020/02/22 22:03:34

The same problem here, getting no connection.

Pictures would be helpful. Thanks in advance.

Dora Smith
2020/02/25 13:15:50

Could you please show us the screenshot?

Or you can contact us through suppot tickets.


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