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SpinnerChief 6 videos?

ReplyThanks 2019/10/05 09:52:13 0 0
Are there any videos for the new release?
Lily Brown
2019/10/11 14:11:42
Sorry, the video of Spinner Chief 6 is still in preparation. You can check the tutorials on Spinner Chief 5 on the forum first. They have similar functions.
2019/11/08 18:31:43

I was looking around, but I was unable to find any videos for SpinnerChief 5. Can you please provide a link here for everyone's convenience?

I bought SpinnerChief 6 ultimate edition last night and I am hoping to begin using the software properly as so far it is quite confusing.

Thank you!

Lily Brown
2019/11/11 14:56:18

Sorry, we are preparing more tutorial videos. You can view the posts in Top Topic first, which lists some videos of old versions. Many of the features are similar.

In addition, a tutorial document is attached.


2019/11/13 21:36:58
The description in the file is very bad. It is not detailed. The program has been around for many years. Describe normally all the functions of the program. Details and with examples. Spend time on a beautiful landing page on the site, and you can’t do a description of all the functions. This is not respect for customers who buy the program!

It is not possible to normally fill large thesauruses into the program (more than 200mb). A year ago, I wrote to you on this problem, nothing has changed.

There are no descriptions and examples of program hot keys (shortcodes).
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