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How to Spin randomly and in the same order together.

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I am new to article spinning software.

How to do I reserve the same order for some keywords only. Example

Title "Best {iPhone App|Android App|App|Mobile App} in {Spain|USA|the US|Italy}"

In the body

xxx is the best {iPhone App|Android App|App|Mobile App} in {Spain|USA|the US|Italy}

I would like to spin these randomly {iPhone App|Android App|App|Mobile App}

and keep {Spain|USA|the US|Italy} in the same order

How can I achieve this?

Lily Brown
2019/07/22 14:39:11
You mean that IPhone App corresponds to Spain, Android App corresponds to USA...?

Sorry, the spin function will randomly pick up a keyword in {iPhone App | Android App | App | Mobile App} and {Spain | USA | the US | Italy} respectively and combine them.

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