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2017/03/23 22:43:21

Cool Software I Love it

fakir sharif hossain
2017/09/04 15:46:12
If the nominal power difference of two regions is less deviated for the presence of variations, but, highly deviated for Trojans, a smaller detection threshold with higher detection probability can be achieved.
2018/01/20 19:55:33
please if I want to change the article from Arabic to English how I can do this?! or how I can choose the language that I want to spin it from the start?!
2018/01/22 17:28:35

@ newahmedalaa2017@gamil.com

Once you access the program successfully, program will auto pop up a window to ask you select the Thesaurus, at this moment, you can choose Arabic Thesaurus instead of English.

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