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emmazhouzhou 2017/12/13 17:53:50 0 0
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digitalsearchengines 2018/03/13 20:10:01 0 0
hello ,I would like to know How can i use spintax symbols or variables in black bulk mail.For example if i want to use email addresses of recepients , how shall i compose the variables that recepients gets my mail in this format:Hi EmailAddressor Hi FirstnameWaiting for reply regerly
digitalsearchengines 2018/03/13 20:13:34 0 0
hello,I have tried Gsuite Email Address to Send mails from black bulk mail.But they are not WORKING.Gsuite mails get login from Gmail Interface only. I bought Blackbulkmail for sending mails from gsuite ids.My one of the gsuite email id is : sales@shikshaforum.net , now this id i can manually login in gmail interface. But this and more ids like this arent working on Black Bulk Mail....
maddo777 2018/03/03 19:03:58 0 0
Hello there,as I've checked your page it appears that FastBulkMailer and Black Bulk Mail have similar functionality.It seems Black Bulk Mail has more mail providers to choose from but are there any other differences than that?
zachhinds 2018/03/07 23:20:34 0 0
will it hlep with smtp logins, meaning email ids hosted on shared hosting.
digitalsearchengines 2018/02/28 14:10:59 0 0
How to Rotate Subject & Mail Content ? Is there any way i can send multiple subject and mail content in same task on rotation?
digitalsearchengines 2018/02/27 13:38:29 0 0
hello sir,i would like to know which proxy to use for yahoo/gmail login in blackbulkmail .there are various proxies, listed below:1. socks 5 shared(public socks 5)2. socks 5 private 3. http shared 4. dedicated socks 5which is best to use in blackbulkmail?
digitalsearchengines 2018/02/26 16:51:55 1 0
hello ,today i bought blackbulk mail. I am facing few problems with it, as follows:-...
Stuart Marler 2018/01/23 21:38:50 0 0
Hi I am looking for a Proxy service, as the input is - port:ip:username:password.Any advice on where I can get this, a service or ??Stuart
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