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Help me choose between Black Bulk Mailer or Fast Bulk Mailer !

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I can scrape many emails and I wish to send about 10.000 emails per day to start with.

I can buy email accounts and proxies for them.

Black Bulk Mailer has more options in terms of what emails I can send from but it is a slower software.

Fast Bulk Mailer has less options in terms of what emails I can send from and I could only afford Outlook for example... but from what I understand it is a much faster software.

For my needs of about 10.000 emails sent per day what do you think is the better tool?

Also I want the emails to reach inbox as much as possible so I can make profit from this method. I just need your opinion.

2018/10/09 18:59:00

FastBulkMailer supports other email accounts too. You can check its sale page to know more.

If you want to send mail as fast as it can, you'd better choose FastBulkMailer. If you do not send mail too fast, and do not use the same content to send, then all mails will be in inbox.

Both software are very great, you can take one of them to have a try.

2019/04/17 12:32:31


followup question

i want to send several million emails a day what would you recommend in terms of your mailing software, account creation software and proxy software?

enjoy the silence
2019/04/19 17:09:06

Both software can send mail. Depends on which function you prefer.

You can check PVACreator.com this software is used to create accounts. We do not sell proxy, but you can use the proxy which we advertised on whitehatbox.com

Let me know if you need more help.

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