discuzx 2017/12/29 15:38:52 0 0
Hi,this software is powerful and its feature is really attractive for me. Yet I wish to have a Video Demo before I make an order.....
Philipp Lüönd 2018/01/17 20:05:36 0 0
Hello,i get the error when i start Version 2.5.5System.TypeLoadException: Die Methode "LoadData" im Typ "BotSocialBLL.Facebook.Facebook" der Assembly "TubeAssistPro, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null" hat keine Implementierung.   bei BotSocialBLL.Config..cctor()can you help.Thanks
malcolmx 2018/02/16 05:17:53 0 0
guys we need a video tutorial for this?i am lost?
Jjones88 2018/02/07 03:56:59 0 0
HeyDoes TubeAssist unsubscribe from channels? Thanks
momo6 ja 2018/01/11 02:13:18 0 0
Do you have a tool to sort people who comment my video on Youtube by theirs subscribers numbers(or social ranks etc. on Youtube or different social media platform)?  
Michael Pink_4S2bu 2017/12/27 12:39:04 0 0
Subscribing to channel keeps failing, i dont know why. can someone please help?
Michael Pink_h37PW 2017/12/28 00:26:28 0 0
Hello i purchased the Ultimate Ver and i dont see the YouTube share function, can someone please tell me where it its
Michael Pink_4S2bu 2017/12/27 11:26:04 0 0
Can you please make video tutorials of how to use this tool, its frustrating not knowing what to do
shengli0220 2017/09/17 17:15:12 0 0
How can we comment on videos? I was able to comment on Channels, but I was told that a video commentor was a feature. What module do I use for that?
Edgar011 2017/12/08 03:36:10 0 0
I want to comment on live videos but the search module is failing everytime I dont know why. Can you help me please.    screenshot of module search configuration
frankienatto 2017/08/27 22:07:04 0 0
What is going on? Are you making a fool of me? You made me lose all week and still put me up I had to deposit another 100 dollars and so far they have not sent me the serial. Are you making a fool of me? Have I spent much money on you and do not have a little consideration? I'm waiting for days and turning the nights just waiting for the serial. It's all bullshit ...
OlegKury 2017/11/20 11:38:19 0 0
buying a cheap version, and updating after a co-payment for a more expensive version, just before paying?
OlegKury 2017/11/19 00:48:46 0 0
Hi, where you can see the video instruction of the program?
insanezu 2017/11/14 15:04:25 0 0
How can I use a brand channel as a account?
vominhquoc 2017/11/07 12:35:31 0 0
Hey sir, I'm here to bring up to your coders 2 problems1. Like video feature doesn't work anymore, it's now like a turn on subtitle feature2. I don't know how to use share video feature, Can you provide some pictures how to do that ?2. My account have 3 different channels. I want to switch between them to like, comment-> HOW TO DO THAT ???
casperass 2017/11/03 19:16:32 0 0
You can see my settings on the image. I just bought the program and having problems to set it up. I succesfully made it work with 1 account with 1 comment on one spesific video. But when I added more accounts and more comments to post on one spesific video. It doesn't work. At first it logs in all of the account one by one. Then wen it comes to commenting it goes into loop. Either it always stays signed in to first account and doesn't do anything or it needs to sign in to the accounts again and ...
elisealt 2017/10/16 16:08:34 0 0
Hello, Is there a feature to reply to comments that are on a specific video please ? Thank's :)
WhiteHatBox 2017/08/22 21:06:37 0 0
Hi guys, we released Tube Assist Pro just now, it is a YouTube marketing tools that helps to boost the reach of your videos to those that are interested in seeing them. Alongside this, it will help you to grow your channel subscriptions list. You can also easily get targeted visitors to your site from YouTube, and best of all - it's all automated!...
braingames 2017/09/16 16:14:40 0 0
I have done everything right in task manager but I still get search failed in message screen.Please help me.I want more youtube subscribers and views.
nuttydesigner 2017/09/10 18:03:09 0 0
Hi guys I have just downloaded the program and would like to know how do we add Tasks in Task Manager Tab. I have added my YouTube account in Account manager.I have also added tasks name and tried to add the like and unlike Module but can't seem to select any Video Source or Account Source?Any help is appreciated.Cheers
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