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Aprilcaicai 2018/02/02 16:08:10 0 0
emmazhouzhou 2018/05/04 10:37:49 0 0
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Stefanouk 2019/03/20 23:24:06 0 0
I bought the Standard version today and I can't seem to make it work.I added my account to the account manager, and linked it to my channel.However when I try to create a task to subscribe, it asks me fora channel source with no option, and I can't complete the task. How can I create a task to subscribe and generate views?Please help, it's very hard to understand.
Mariaxaniotaki 2019/03/12 02:08:16 0 0
if the program does not automatically confirm. We can not work with it. it is impossible to pass 1000 handwritten confirmations
ssuuppeerrmmaann 2019/02/27 07:14:33 0 0
I don't know what I am doing wrong, but when I do a search for videos I get a very low search result when the software is on BUT when I do a search on a different browser I see many more results.
Cooper Gena 2019/02/22 12:14:16 0 0
Hello ad!!I have an issue like that .When i checking account, Normal , but some mail need to confirm by recoveryy mail or phone or something , but i cant find where to fill these recovery . so what can i do with these mail ? 
Archer 2019/02/20 01:08:44 0 0
Is there a way to allow a video to run for a certain duration, say 3-5 minutes before commenting on the video? This way it looks like someone is actually watching the video and not just a bot. 
Mariaxaniotaki 2019/02/17 02:25:08 0 0
Hello!I'm trying to buy the trial version for the Ultimate version ($ 7 for 3 days) but when it goes to connect the paypal shows an error. and can not come in. 
Archer 2019/02/15 03:40:49 0 0
I just purchased the Ultimate version but I am completely lost. I try adding my account but get 'Network Error'. Are there any tutorials out that explain in detailed how to get started?
rlpassion 2018/12/29 06:42:00 0 0
Hi there!I have multiple channels on one email - everytime I put my login detail the tube assit tools just defaults ot the basic channel, but I want to use a different channel, so how do I choose what channel to use under the same email?
sthao112 2019/01/16 22:06:19 0 0
I have issue login to my account. I try add my account like email@email.com or userchannel. Both doesn't seen to login success. It will show the message say " add failure".
boxwhitehat 2017/12/01 20:38:06 0 0
Why hiding following like forum you don't like people to know you are uploading accounts to your server? You are terrible software and company. Bad bad bad taking user information without permissions.
Clown Mind 2018/12/22 17:29:21 0 0
Hi admin . I need a modem to subscribe to a youtube channel non drop .I used and it lost after only a few hours . please help me .
tomfraczak 2018/12/03 04:05:59 1 0
How to comment on channels that are commentators on a specific video?How do I send messages to channels that have been again exported as commentators from a video?How can I search for videos and then leave comments on them?I've been struggling all day and can't get it to work. 
Michael_Pink 2017/12/28 22:01:56 0 0
Can you guys please find away of importing all the sub YouTube accounts automatically when we import the main YouTube account into the software, this feature would save us a lot of time and and money,  as there is not way of import sub accounts at the moment ( i don't see away right now).  if i could import sub accounts its would bring my accounts volume up from 20 accounts to 200 accounts, please consider this asap. thanks
luducquan 2018/11/28 21:03:31 0 0
Can u give me template to import multi Email using file CSV?? and some template to do task...
edwardtoys2 2017/08/30 12:40:17 0 0
I want to know if this really works and has no problems at all. I have a tube assist account but its soon shutting down and some features got taken out. I stumble on your site and was giving it some thoughts the last couple days. Im thinking of getting this instead of tubebuddy. But I got 2 questions, my first question is if I order this, can I download it on multiply times on my computer or one of my laptops? Now my last question is a promo code. When I first went to the sales page when I found...
darkjk9921 2018/11/21 02:18:14 0 0
I tried check account.but they always downloading the browser slowlywhat happen ? I just want to add view countplease tell me how can do
Vince Myers 2018/11/11 11:46:35 0 0
I want to assign bot to extract Channels that has commented on Specific videos it has searched for.So far I only see a way to search for a video and comment the Uploader. I want to directly message the people who have commented on selected videos. ThanksEDIT: Got everything to work.But does this bot only run one Task at a time, Such as Comment? Ive been unable to make a task where I comment on a video then subscribe to that same channel. But after...
redbluwt 2018/06/26 20:51:45 0 0
Sorry for posting this here, but for some reason my support ticket won't go though:Hi, TubeAssist Pro is not working. When I try to run it I only get: Network error, please try to login again later. I am running...
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