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Aprilcaicai 2018/02/02 16:08:10 0 0
emmazhouzhou 2018/05/04 10:37:49 0 0
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Sophies World 2018/07/15 21:50:06 0 0
Hi guys, I just bought the tubeassistpro and for some reason, it's not working. There are only a few buttons I am actually able to click on. The rest of the buttons is black and white. Even the "add" button is black and white and I cant click on it. So that means I can't even add my profile...Can you guys help me? Thank you so much in advance!
redbluwt 2018/06/26 20:51:45 0 0
Sorry for posting this here, but for some reason my support ticket won't go though:Hi, TubeAssist Pro is not working. When I try to run it I only get: Network error, please try to login again later. I am running...
submit@strictlyhiphoppromo.com 2018/06/09 11:51:19 0 0
Hey,Is there a way to subscribe to a Youtube account by having a list of emails (gmails). As in search by gmail and if the email has a youtube account than subscribe?
vu van tan 2018/05/10 15:32:39 0 0
Helloguys, i have some questions i want to get answered from you guys1.Ino longer see the discount card, can I get a discount or not, I just want touse it, if I get a discount.2.Ibought a package of two accounts, ie I can use the software on two machinesright or wrong.3,IfI lose 1 machine, I request to cancel for use on a new machine is acceptable.???4,Howmany google accounts can I enter into...
Adoooro _ 2018/05/09 08:57:35 0 0
hi,I added accounts, so when I click in check, appears downloading browser 0%, 10%... and finish network error.
Ghost Univers 2018/02/21 23:03:51 0 0
what is this bug? network error?...
GặpHiền Ởlành 2018/04/20 01:03:48 0 0
encourag3r 2018/03/03 03:40:10 0 0
How long does it take to make a simple video tutorial.....this doesn't speak well of your company. I am hesitant to make a purchase if there is no set of video tutorials to walk me through using your software. This is just a basic requirement. I have been checking for months and I see all you say is there will soon be video tutorials but still haven't created one. A simple screen recorder while you perform various tasks should suffice. This is is just weird.
discuzx 2017/12/29 15:38:52 0 0
Hi,this software is powerful and its feature is really attractive for me. Yet I wish to have a Video Demo before I make an order.....
Philipp Lüönd 2018/01/17 20:05:36 0 0
Hello,i get the error when i start Version 2.5.5System.TypeLoadException: Die Methode "LoadData" im Typ "BotSocialBLL.Facebook.Facebook" der Assembly "TubeAssistPro, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null" hat keine Implementierung.   bei BotSocialBLL.Config..cctor()can you help.Thanks
malcolmx 2018/02/16 05:17:53 0 0
guys we need a video tutorial for this?i am lost?
Jjones88 2018/02/07 03:56:59 0 0
HeyDoes TubeAssist unsubscribe from channels? Thanks
momo6 ja 2018/01/11 02:13:18 0 0
Do you have a tool to sort people who comment my video on Youtube by theirs subscribers numbers(or social ranks etc. on Youtube or different social media platform)?  
Michael Pink_4S2bu 2017/12/27 12:39:04 0 0
Subscribing to channel keeps failing, i dont know why. can someone please help?
Michael_Pink 2017/12/28 22:01:56 0 0
Can you guys please find away of importing all the sub YouTube accounts automatically when we import the main YouTube account into the software, this feature would save us a lot of time and and money,  as there is not way of import sub accounts at the moment ( i don't see away right now).  if i could import sub accounts its would bring my accounts volume up from 20 accounts to 200 accounts, please consider this asap. thanks
Michael Pink_h37PW 2017/12/28 00:26:28 0 0
Hello i purchased the Ultimate Ver and i dont see the YouTube share function, can someone please tell me where it its
Michael Pink_4S2bu 2017/12/27 11:26:04 0 0
Can you please make video tutorials of how to use this tool, its frustrating not knowing what to do
boxwhitehat 2017/12/01 20:38:06 0 0
Why hiding following like forum you don't like people to know you are uploading accounts to your server? You are terrible software and company. Bad bad bad taking user information without permissions.
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