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TWITTWOO 2016/12/13 09:56:21 0 0
I have purchased new proxies and am trying to create accounts in TAM, but Twitter is not giving me the option to skip mobile verification.  I do not have any mobile numbers I can use, so this is not an option.  I was told that new private proxies would fix this problem, but now I have purchased them and it is still giving me the same error.  We are losing business because of this, so we need urgent help to solve this problem.
TWITTWOO 2016/12/08 10:15:22 0 0
I have bought new private proxies and tried to create accounts in TAM, but the skip button is still not appearing on the "add a phone number" page.  My settings are good and my proxies are good.  What can I do to fix this problem?
TWITTWOO 2016/11/30 06:05:17 0 0
When I try to create accounts in TAM, I see the error message: Register failed. Reason:Wait Timeout.When I look at the debug window, I can see there is no "skip" option under the phone number form in twitter.  The software cannot skip the page, and I get the wait timeout error.  Why do I have to use a phone number now to create a Twitter account? This never used to happen.When I try to manually create an account...
TWITTWOO 2016/11/01 07:44:01 0 0
There is a bind UserAgent setting in TAM, but you can only bind to accounts you have already created.  How do I change user agent settings for registering accounts?
Vigneshwaran 2016/10/22 10:02:18 0 0
TWITTWOO 2016/08/24 04:25:08 0 0
When I import about 40 Email accounts, and select "create 40 twitter accounts", TAM used to create about 30 twitter accounts from this.  Now with the same settings, TAM only creates about 2 or 3 twitter accounts.  I can now only get TAM to create about 2 or 3 accounts, every time I try to register accounts.
susicox143 2016/05/28 07:21:26 0 0
Hi,I started to create accounts. I have added balance in phone verification. But it is not creating any account. It is stuck on phone number.What to do in this case?Thank you
cashkill23 2016/05/05 10:30:55 0 0
Where to see exactly what is error in failed update?. Bio, pic, design. It just say update failed!
cashkill23 2016/04/20 03:40:41 0 0
Where to find database for created acounts. I get a hang in creation of 88 acounts. Now i cant find them in software. wasted money on proxies and time to create emails. Any way to recover created acounts after software stop responded?
cashkill23 2016/03/30 16:34:46 0 0
I understand how to setup catchall in software with server settings, but we must add many handmade emailacounts for email creation for my domain.why not add a function to automatically add "namenummer"@mydomain.com so we not need to sit and make it by hand.if i want 10 acounts and use catchall with own server it should create random emails for my domain.Better way is to in software or as...
zez13 2016/03/03 11:28:44 0 0
Hello all ;)What is suppose to do the "update design" ?I can update the avatar, but nothing is changing when I check the "update design" option......
rtlp 2015/06/20 08:34:59 0 0
Hi,When make you a update TAM for to can update the header on twitter.this option is missing, it would be nice to give the opportunity .Thank you by advance.
angzecheng8 2015/04/14 04:35:34 0 0
Hi,I was trying to update all the profile picture but it get stuck when software trying to upload the picture, I need to manually choose the picture and manual save it. (Well it defeat the purpose obviously)...
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