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cashkill23 2016/05/14 05:27:09 0 0
Can you add a way to retry failed acount creations and change proxy if its fail because of proxy connection errors?Many times i run retries of acount creations and it sometimes work good after 2 or more times.So a way in every part of creations and edits of bio, retry or change proxy when change all avatars and pics and bios..
cashkill23 2016/05/05 10:28:00 0 0
When doubleclick created acount, open up browser and show twitter acount first page.
cashkill23 2016/04/26 09:00:57 0 0
Why not make a function to add keyword driven bios?  scrape google or twitter for bios/tweets and spin them for software? 
cashkill23 2016/04/24 01:11:46 0 0
Please update to autosave acounts when creating.Make software to autosave in csv file after every acount created.This way we have backup if something goes wrong.
cashkill23 2016/04/24 01:08:38 0 0
Option in which order acounts details should be saved.example: if i want email as first in cvs i put 0. if password should be in first order (0)it will print out:password:email
cashkill23 2016/04/24 01:19:02 0 0
When creating or after creation of anything we need more info on screen what we did or not did.We cant see how many acount it created or how many acounts left. Please show us more info what we do or not did when create. Log is not so much info in software.
zez13 2016/03/04 08:43:12 0 0
Hey ;)my little suggestions:Adding the possibility to change color of theme (random color), possibility to check NSFW checkbox or uncheck it, possibility to use files but not in random, from the first line to the last (I've already suggested this ;)...
zez13 2016/03/03 11:34:36 0 0
Me again ;)When I update profiles and import them with .txt files, I don't want to use random text, how can I do to use my txt files from the first line to the last, not randomly ?Onether thing, Is there a way to change the username of Twitter profiles?Thank you ;)
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