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klucas 2020/05/08 20:54:09 0 0
Hello! How can I run more than one task at once? I run quite a few bots from whathatbox but in this one I cant find the task option.
Igotcha2018 2019/11/22 23:36:11 0 0
I just updated a working 1.3.x version to 1.4.1 and now I getThe type initializer for 'Gecko.GeckoPreferences' threw an exception(d5)...
vocalviews 2020/09/06 19:51:36 1 0
I have tested our 4 elite residential proxy rotation services, the best and most expensive.And for each I am receiving this google cookie confirmation every time and it is not working, please could you kindly fix as it is consuming all my bandwidth and becoming quite costly with 0% results...
John Blues 2020/03/12 08:33:53 2 0
Hi. I'm looking to buy the software. My questions are, simple. 1)Is the software working well for you? 2)Is the traffic showing up successfully in google analytics? Thanks for any input.
timyalcin 2020/05/31 04:09:33 0 0
Is there anyone successfully using TrafficBotPro with Google Search?Evet I have tried different proxt companies any different proxy types, I always get "Unusual traffic from your computer network" error...
Melanie 2020/10/08 04:26:44 0 0
Hello I recently bought full version of this bot for three main reasons.1. Generate traffic on my site.2. Clicking on my own ads.3. Clicking on competitor's ads.So firstly how do I generate traffic on my own website cheaply using this bot?Will shared proxy work for generating traffic? If not private residential proxies cost 2$ each I don't see this feasible amount for generating traffic.Secondly the main reason I bought this bot for generating adsense revenue.Currently adsense pays my 0.5-0.8$ p...
sahul786 2020/10/05 15:34:49 1 0
Hello,I am trying to run tasks for a website from google. When I run I can see in debug that the bot opens google (even proxy wroks perfect) types the keyword. When the results are displayed the bot does not clicks on the website I gave as input in task (eveb when the website is there in 1st position in SERP). then the task ends "Bad end"Note: Same works with bing but not in google.Tried all variations - with & without...
maria shlyapina 2020/09/25 19:25:06 0 0
Hello! Why do I keep getting error code 1073741855 after update on different devices and operating systems. What does this error means and how to fix it?Thank you!
GGBook 2020/09/18 16:11:34 0 0
i am using awm proxy. i take the malaysia and thailand proxy to run my site, why occur this problem?
notanotherseocompany 2020/09/09 07:03:36 0 0
Upon upgrading to vs. 1.7.9 the bing searches are now either not selecting anything or selecting images and scrolling through with out following control operation instructions, then being marked as successful even though they are not. Using white hat box app return to previous version only has vs 1.6.0 which is so old its not working anymore. Please provide link to vs 1.7.8 until 1.7.9 can be fixed. THank...
Tunahan Akçay 2020/09/05 16:18:29 0 0
You should prepare some document for how to use proxy part of TBP. For example how can i get proxies from an url ?
Charlesr1971 2020/08/23 23:54:24 0 0
I get the following message from Google, after TrafficBotPro V2 types in a search term and presses submit:Our sytem have detected unusual traffic from your computer network. This page checks to see if it's really you sending requests, and not a robot.I am using highly anonymous proxies from www.squidproxies.comI have auto bound fingerprint to each proxy. ...
tahanchristina 2020/08/16 09:19:43 1 0
I tried to test some videos but it just play the video until skippable Ad completely. Is my setting wrong or the software does not support for Youtube?Thanks!
APCliff 2020/08/08 03:50:20 0 0
Can traffic bot be use for downloading files? And how can it be done?
Tasim Khan_wufEh 2019/11/18 00:41:50 0 0
hello admin can you tell me how to install trafficbotpro in  centos  dedicated server
savior_khan 2020/08/02 08:39:30 0 0
Hi,I want to software to visit the subpage randomly, how to do that?e.g, the software opens a website, then click any link on the page to visit it and then close it.Can i do that?Thanks.
savior_khan 2020/07/20 17:51:42 0 0
Hi,I just bought trafficbotpro and packet stream. However, i don't know how to add packet stream to this software. Can anyone guide me how to do it?Thanks, Any help will be greatly appreciated.
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