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Support Accepted the Software Error But Doesn't Want To Refund My Money

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Instagram software was getting stuck at some point and then i showed the error video to the support and he agreed with the error and started offering software exchange and asking for unlimited another chances even tho i kept on asking for refund kindly.

And i want to clarify that this support ticket has been created the next day after my purchase which was at 29.11.2020. So i started trying to fix the software issue the next day but kept on getting refused or ignored to this day.

First time of support asking for a chance and claiming software works after i ask for a refund.

Asking for second chance after i insist on getting a refund.

Claims software works for the third time after asking for 2 chances.

I am responding with the same video i sent earlier to him.

Finally agrees with me about software isn't working.

Now he accepted that there is a problem in the software previous day but still tries to avoid my refund request and asks for another chance.

Offers software exchange for the i don't know how many times by now again.

Again asks for software exchange. This is the latest respond i got.

And i requested refund. For the 5th time and lost believe in this "support" that he will refund my money.

Now please check out the name of this ticket down below

"Customized development needed" once again they all agreed about problem but keep stealing time from me. Overall its been 22 days since i bought the instagram software but there was a problem that prevented me from creating an instagram account, and i wasn't able to create a single account by now. All i want is my refund. Please don't ask for another chance. Please don't ask for anything else. Please can i just get a refund? I am not even asking for proxy costs that i bought for this software or my 5sim balance, or my smspva balance. All i want is the refund amount for this software i bought. This was by far the most disastrous customer service i've ever encountered on the web on any kind of platform or service.

My Refund Reasons Are:

-Software has problems that can be solved but not solved in time.

-Software doesn't work as described on the sale page.

-Software is too complicated.

-Software has bug when its running.

-I don't want to use this software anymore.

Payment ID: w237977281

Paid using MINT & paymentwall.

2020/12/23 17:58:13
Problem fixed thanks Lily Brown for the remote support.
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