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Narayana Murthy

I want refund ts #113104

ReplyThanks 2020/07/29 23:23:51 0 0

Product is not working All it is ever done is crashing.i didn't bought it for crashing...support is dragging the issue,I have done what they told but no sign of resolve...they even offered me other products as compensation but i didn't want that... i have to answer to others ,i have to show them results not this futile conversation

Issue refund don't drag further

2020/07/31 10:08:01

We are so sorry for the troubles you met, we will try our best to help you check and solve it at first. If the issue is from the software itself and we cannot provide help, then we will send the refund directly. Don't worry about that.

Our customer service will answer you through email, please remember to check it.

Narayana Murthy
2020/07/31 10:23:51
Pls stop this convo like you care for customer...I did what they have asked till now ,they provide many futile suggestion,I even provided them my personal twitter accounts to check Now they want remote Access to my personal system,I work for bank i have lot of sensitive and i will not give remote access to unknown and untrustworthy firm...You care for compensation software with other products,but you don't provide refund for the same...i will flag you in my bank (State bank of india) as fraud and untrustworthy, this will effect ur payments from india through our bankstop this game and provide me refund...already escalated this issue to paypal
2020/07/31 10:57:59
Our customer service will answer you in details through email, please pay attention to check it, thanks
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