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wpblack 2014/03/19 11:45:21 0 0
Hi guys,is it possible to create a bot to copy content from one forum and copy that content on a different forum?...
superman2013 2014/03/17 00:56:21 0 0
Hey!,When I use the AOL module in botchief, and add proxies, then botchief doesn't use them.It's telling me what proxy it is using, but it's not actually using it.I know this because after 9 accounts my IP is blocked on EVERY proxy.I had 1500 proxies... Then I tried on my friends computer.Same story, he registered 9 accounts and then the IP was blocked on every proxy.So it must not be using the proxies, and the computer's IP gets...
jaijai2014 2014/02/13 08:43:59 0 0
hi everyone , i need custom bot  for sites like  ebay  etc , can anyone please help how to do so
botchiefgeek 2014/02/18 02:53:01 0 0
hi,please help,how to do keyword simulation for bot chief editor,please help,how to set variables for keyword simulation?
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