• sauceonu12
  • My topic Is "Playlist Loop" Working?
  • Hey there,  I finally got the Spotify verification to go through with the update, thanks for the help with all that!  Now, I believe I set up everything right according to your videos, I'm running a test with 1 Spotify account and 1 playlist. I ran the "Playlist Loop" function on it, but not sure if it's actually working.  I want the account to just loop through the playlist, and I set it to listen to each song for 34 seconds. Was wondering if you could take a look at these screenshots and let me know if I've set it up correctly to do that?  Thanks for the help!
  • 2018-09-22 04:56
  • sauceonu12
  • My topic How to verify Spotify account?
  • Hey there,  I'm new to AIOstream and learning how it all works. I think I've set everything up right based off of the videos, but AIO seems to run into trouble when verifying the Spotify account I'm trying to use.  If I could receive any help on verifying the Spotify account it would be much appreciated. When I hit "Start" on the Accounts Management tab, the Spotify API comes up but then at the bottom I recieve "GET ERROR" and the window closes.  Any and all help is much appreciated, thank you!
  • 2018-09-19 11:00