• salmax66
  • My topic example task
  • No choice can be made, it is empty! because you do not make a number of different examples, on use of this software, which is not so intuitive, for use with facebook.
  • 2017-09-27 02:54
  • salmax66
  • My topic Post on group
  • You have to explain, and be very clear and not generic. When I want to post a specific post to all groups, how do I choose "that" post? Because using your explanation, I can post on all groups, but posts are randomly selected by your software. In the "share" option. There is a "content source" box, but the only option is "null" is this the problem? This is the sequence I use: 1. Account 2. Search Groups 3. Search post by user (Probably here, there is no option to choose which post to share) 4. Share
  • 2017-09-02 10:45
  • salmax66
  • My topic multiple post on groups
  • 1) Can I share  a post on my Facebook fan Page to different Facebook Groups I'm a member of? I need to know the procedure, step by step. You must also consider that I am not profound knowledgeable about software, so please use an easy explanation. 2) Can I send a message to all of my FB friends at the same time?, please indicate step by step procedure Thanks
  • 2017-04-21 11:14