• Meescha08
  • My topic spotify play all function a...
  • hi i created a new task using the spotify play all function, and all threads play the same url instead of a random url from the list of urls. the old album loop function randomized it, what is happening, what setting am i missing, i tried finding a setting to randomize it but all threads still plpay the same url at the same time. only thing that is random is the account it uses
  • 2-15 11:3
  • Meescha08
  • My topic spotify wont log into the task
  • Im having a problem with spotify plays, it doesnt log into the account, i have 400 spotify accounts, all have been verified. and ive created the play task a few times with different settings, nothing seems to work, what is going on? 
  • 2018-11-22 04:23
  • Meescha08
  • My topic invisible chrome popup option
  • It would be nice if the chrome popups would have an invisible options, they keep poping up while im trying to do something and i have to alt tab abck to what i was working on
  • 2018-07-31 01:31