• Joho1919
  • My topic Import File Crash
  • Everytime I try to input a cvs file for spotify emails, it crashes. What is the format I need to use in order to make it so it doesn't crash?Do I need A header?? Also, When I click the column and type YES or NO. It only has one box that says yes or no. Does anyone have a fix on how to multi input the same response in the same column? 
  • 1-16 16:30
  • Joho1919
  • My topic Google Chrome popping up bu...
  • Everytime I hit start, google chrome pops up, signs in but doesn't play the music and closes out. I'm upgraded to the latest version. Any suggestions will help. Settings are set to get rid of bad proxy.
  • 2019-09-12 01:49
  • Joho1919
  • My topic Browser closing out
  • I been having this issue with me starting the service and it pops up a maximum of 2 browsers and every other one it closes out. I cleared my google chrome history and reset it. It opens up even for the 2 accounts and closes and has a new account pop up. It doesn't start the play but on the log it says that it was a successful play... any help? 
  • 2019-01-03 05:01
  • Joho1919
  • My topic Bad proxy
  • I'm trying to test and run some accounts, all of them are spotify free accounts and I have no proxies added to it but keep on getting an error when running it saying it's a bad proxy... use next. Some of the browsers and popping up and none are running. Is AIOstream only used with spotify premium accounts?
  • 2019-01-03 04:52