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  • They say "Seeing is believing". I paid for Spinnerchief 4 few days before the launch of SC5. Unfortunately the Super Spin button was not visible in my SC4. I was not happy about the whole thing because i was eager to test the software after all the positive things i read about it on the internet. I posted what i was going through on the forum. John got in touch with me and instructed i should hold on that the new version was almost ready. To my greatest surprise he sent me an email this morning that i should check my Whitehatbox app and download SC5. Honestly i was not expecting something pretty far from SC4, but everything about SC5 truly knocked me off my feet. You know what? Please save that Wordai comparison, Spinnerchief 5 Ultimate has taken content creation to a whole new level. There is no content creation software like Spinnerchief 5 Ultimate in the industry.
  • 2017-07-24 12:15
  • Akpasen Jerry
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  • I bought Spinnerchief 4 Ultimate few days ago, after going through your interesting sales page. What i am experiencing now is far from the promises you have on your sales page. THE BUTTON OF THE SUPER SPIN FEATURE WHICH I CONSIDER A CALL TO ACTION IN YOUR SALES PAGE DOES NOT EXIST. In a matter of days, if you guys don't do something about the frustrations you've caused me, i will take the necessary step to get my money back. I paid for Spinnerchief 4 ultimate, Scrapebox and Captcha Sniper the same day. Spinnerchief is the only one i am still struggling with. When i didn't understand something about a particular feature in scrapebox, it didn't take their support up to 30mins to respond. THAT'S BUSINESS. I have been buying different softwares and other things with my PayPal account for almost 10 years without issues. That record alone will speak for me when the hour comes. I have written to the Chinese agent three times and he has failed to respond. I need answers.
  • 2017-06-03 05:42
  • Akpasen Jerry
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  • I will fight you guys with every tool i know until i get justice. There is no merchant that is bigger than the wrath of PayPal.  Where is the Super Spin button in Spinnerchief 4 Ultimate? I don't want to believe this is a scam. It must be a mistake. The first problem i ran into after paying for the software could not be solve by sun yi nan after i sent him a mail at He only responded once and ran away. I had to battle it all by myself until i overcame the headache. This is wickedness in high places.
  • 2017-06-03 05:31