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yoelkululu 2017/03/21 00:25:37 0 0
1. i dont understand how make search of all my facebook friend and i got 50002. i do sucess found 1 friend and send him a auto message but its take alot time !! the time for all commands happend was like 30-40 sec and i need send a message to 5,000 friends so its not be dont forever ! some help ?
mikestar96 2016/12/28 09:40:39 0 0
Hi, how to i target someones followers using this app. I want to follow @caseymneistat 's followers but i dont see an option for it
mikestar96 2016/12/08 05:16:59 0 0
I bought the following like app for instagram and i cannot figure out how to use the basic functions. the video explaining it is out dated. i need to follow, unfollow, comment. this is proving very difficult and i need accurate directions or a video
tomt 2016/06/20 17:05:31 0 0
I am trying to create a bot to log into a self hosted wordpress site. I have successfully logged in to the site. When I do individual test runs everything works. When I run the module it gets stuck with not being able to find a certain checkbox. Without changing anything I can run the test run sequence again and it runs like it is suppose to. Another problem is I haven't figured out how to go to another page. I have figured out a clunky work around....
Joseph Chin 2016/03/02 22:01:59 0 0
Hi, can I know what is the problem here? I try to upload a csv file but it got error...
RT_QQ 2016/01/29 09:48:38 1 0
RT_QQ 2016/01/29 07:15:58 1 0
After the new update ( event defect _ I can not insert a file txt in the program(you have imported 0 accunts!...
RT_QQ 2015/08/21 16:59:31 0 0
HelloThe program campaign (TweetAttacksProIIII) and place Alserer (TweetAttacksProIII) but it does not function please helpUm Ali Upgrade...
RT_QQ 2015/08/21 18:57:52 0 0
I got the key ..thank you
kabone76 2015/08/20 23:16:27 0 0
How can I fix this error when I try to debug? Just installed the program and ran BotCheif Editor, to find : metadata file 'xmltoform.dll' could not be open.. Thanks 
RT_QQ 2015/07/03 17:51:05 1 0
HiWait time is going to hear the news of the launch ( TweetAttacksProIIII ) New - possessed many of...
phil1966 2015/01/14 09:56:44 1 0
Hi, I have a problem im heavily dyslexic and having a hard time with the variables and setting up (took me 2 hours to get it to write John in the yahoo box following the video :( ) What i need is someone to write me a very basic bot which im willing to pay for (cant afford much tho ), i need a bot toopost diffrent message on my wordpress site post a message between 30second to 10 mins...
RT_QQ 2015/05/26 16:29:15 1 0
I think the separation of TweetAttacksProIII work program into two parts..?Each program separately.Section I _ Accounts growth1.Tweet2.Follow3.FollowBakack4.Unfollow5.DireMessage6.ReplySection II _ Account Activity1.Tweet2.Retweet3.Favorite4.FollowBakackAnd that you have an...
RT_QQ 2015/05/22 11:13:42 1 0
i want to retweet for tweet and retweet and retweet upto 50 user example and Favorites 25 i want to from you plz ans me this promble by picuter for all who is use the software
PumpkinGoneWild 2015/03/22 03:49:09 1 0
Every time i log out i lose all my tasks i created
PumpkinGoneWild 2015/02/17 15:47:06 1 0
Been trying to get someone to help me for over month now. Won't Retweet,Favorite or Tweet anymore
cn3ru 2015/01/06 02:21:05 1 0
 I tried to register with a single account but i got this dll error result.  How to fix this issue please?
shehank 2014/11/29 02:08:16 1 0
Do you have online skype support? please help Thanks
meard 2014/11/22 07:04:36 1 0
Hello,I am thinking of purchasing this amazing sftware, but before i do, ..can someone tel me if BotChief can do image recignition ?for example, ... can BC click a "specific" image on a web page ?Also, is there of will there be a (UI) User Interface builder of any description ?so that we can design our bots to look how we want.Many thanks in...
fortunelister 2014/11/17 10:59:52 0 0
Hi tried to extract it but got a message that the file was corrupted and I should obtain a new copycan you give a new copy
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