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brandoncook 2016/12/30 12:52:04 0 0
I am running a facebook friend module and it keeps friending people in other countries. Can I set it to English speaking countries or specify the exact country to friend people?
brandoncook 2016/12/30 12:26:23 0 0
Hello, I am trying to automate a direct message to my friends that will ask them to like my page. can you help me understand how this can be done? I also want to run it all the time and not send the message 2 times to the same user. so that when I friend new people, it will send them the message. Thank you for the help.
fxaviation 2017/01/13 16:37:32 0 0
I am trying to unfollow users who are not following me back but I get an error.  I have included a screenshot....
virak2016@gmail.com 2017/01/08 12:29:29 0 0
Good evening,I just...
beach40 2016/12/29 14:41:40 0 0
HelloI have a company Page on LinkedIn.  I would like to automate a process that SHARES these posts to my Personal LinkedIn page.  I cannot find a video for this..  I am confused.Here is what I did so far...1.  I created a LinkedIn account in FollowingLike v1.5.52.  I created a URL task for the company page on LinkedIn that contains posts that I would like to share.  3.  I added an...
a4agharkar 2016/12/21 09:55:51 0 0
I want Basic Settings to Start a Taskand Also Inbuilt Browser is Old One 
Antony 2016/12/05 14:22:10 0 0
Will the accounts be able to perform the tasks in the Task Manager , when the accounts added in the Accounts Manager could not be logged in on clicking the "Start" button?
entershop 2016/12/09 09:34:38 0 0
Hi,Im trying to use the Facebook software as Page, I have a few pages and I would like to be able to use it as page. Anyone knows how to do this as, I've been trying but not sure on how to do it?Any help would be appreciated.Thanks, :-)
quiropraxia1 2016/11/28 16:06:03 0 0
That′s the problem , the idea is like this :Search for posts arround a KW   Limiting to a Local Area  Send Friend requestCan It be Done ?  Thanks in Advance
S3ttl3r 2016/11/28 07:30:25 0 0
Hallo there,for example.I'm living in Italy and running the program and my audience is in italy too.Do I need to use an italian proxy or does the tool use my IP address? (An italian one)Thank you
wafaebh 2016/10/10 11:28:55 0 0
i have bought this bot yesterday and i saw the tutorial on youtube, but i really dont get it , i only want to follow peoples followers, i dont need to comment or like or anything, i need to dollow people and i cannot do that! please help as soon as possible.thanks
danstroyer 2016/11/27 06:56:22 0 0
I'm using Follow Like for Instagram for a while now. But since the 11/18/16 update I cannot like or follow anybody anymore. All my results are showing up empty. Did something change in the way we should set up the search words module? Or it's a bug? Thank you so much.
dubroc 2016/06/17 08:38:08 0 0
Hi!!!Please which steps I have to follow to search pics by tag, then put likes on those pics and in the end follow users who made those pics??(I really hope that a user's manual will be released, it's  so frustrating)Thank you
Genesisvh 2016/11/22 20:42:08 0 0
I would like to know how can I gather followers using FollowingLike?
fxaviation 2016/11/01 10:22:08 0 0
When I try add my account, the software logs in successfully and opens my profile page.  It then fails to scrape my account stats, closing the pop up box, leaving a network error.
dubroc 2016/06/14 13:24:43 0 0
Hello!can someone explain me in details the steps to follow  to set task as stated in the subject? Please.Thank you. 
seoinspects 2016/10/28 11:14:59 0 0
Can you help me to run this face book fan page like program step by step?
oungov 2016/10/20 10:44:38 0 0
Hello,I'm trying to put space in keywords, like the names of some gmail accounts,but the search people task fail when i put spaces,Is there a way to put space in keywords ?Thx for your answer,Regards
SteveJ 2016/10/21 10:25:13 0 0
Hi, In the "search pages" module I have "Don't get duplicate data" check marked. I am running the "like pages" module. I have duplicate pages being searched that are already liked. How do I stop that action?
pcagli 2016/10/20 13:51:01 0 0
Hi thereI watched all the videos, and still don't get it.I want to automatically follow/unfollow users that are following "X" account."X" account has millions of followers.Please help me.Thanks
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